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The team at Midland Party Rental is passionate about organizing great events. We have over ten years of experience helping to organize events of all sizes and types, as well as serving the Midland community.

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We are committed to success and helping you plan the event of your dreams, so we will work with you to select the best tents, equipment, and more, as well as install your rentals on the day of your event. Whether you need a tent for social distancing solutions, a tent for a restaurant, a tent for a family gathering, a tent for a business conference, or a tent for a wedding, we have a tent for you. We will make your ideas a reality at Midland Party Rental!


Pole TentsĀ 

There are many types of tents we offer, including twin peak, marquee, and multi-pole genesis tents – but still, a classic pole tent is one of the most popular tents for outdoor events. A pole tent is a reliable, easy-to-install, and cost-effective option for almost any event, and because of their simplicity and strength, they require fewer parts and can be made in larger sizes. However, they do need to be staked down well, which means they require a bigger footprint – but with proper staking, they are one of the most effective and economical solutions available.

Frame TentsĀ 

Frame tents are strong, sturdy, and great for a wide variety of uses. As there are no poles, your line of sight is completely undisturbed in the tent, giving it a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Tents made from aluminum poles work well for events when there is bad weather forecast, as they contain solid bases and are able to withstand even the wettest conditions. Having concrete bases also means they require fewer stakes, so frame tents are well-suited to harder ground, where stakes are often impractical.

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In addition to our large selection of tent types & sizes, we can use a wide variety of fabrics to make your venue look exactly how you envision. We provide expert recommendations for enhancing your space, and our team will install and take down your order quickly and efficiently.

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